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About EDC

  • Our Vision
    We aim to provide continuous safe access to energy.
  • Our Mission
    We aim to provide: Continuous return to the shareholders. First class drilling services to the industry. Long term and equal opportunities to the employees. A safe and healthy workplace. A good corporate citizen for our community
  • EDC Strategy
    EDC strategy is to maintain a strong presence in the domestic onshore drilling and workover market as well as providing optimum offshore service. Our expansion in the international market shall be directed at the bigger markets with long term potential, both on-shore and off-shore. Our financial strength shall be used to secure expansion opportunities in the onshore drilling international markets that can provide long term opportunities with higher return on investments. Our main business areas being, offshore and onshore, drilling and workover services shall remain our focus areas. Other services shall only be undertaken for the reason of supporting our core business.
  • EDC Code Of Conduct
    EDC Code of Conduct aims to enhance the control culture in the organization and acts as a guide for EDC employees to do the right thing and be aware of how to act in the course of various scenarios that they might face during their daily work.

    Code of Conduct - English Version
    Code of Conduct - Arabic Version

Message from the Chairman

On behalf of EDC employees, I would like to welcome you to Egyptian Drilling Company (EDC) website.

Our website is designed to meet the needs of our valued visitors, and I hope it creates an opportunity for you to learn more about the services we offer to our clients and our fleet of 70 rigs as well as the world class operations we provide and the highest safety standards implemented across the organization.

EDC is one of the leading drilling contractors in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa. Since the company’s inception in 1976, EDC has been playing a pioneering role in the development of the drilling industry in all countries it operated in including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Gabon, Qatar, Libya and Syria.

Throughout the past four decades, EDC had worked closely with its partners and had built a strong successful relationship with them. With the continued challenges that the oil and gas sector continues to face, we are more persistent than ever to continue to build on our strong partnerships with our local and global oil and gas clients and provide exceptional client services, and have a safer and more secure workplace.

We are determined to sustain and build on the remarkable achievement that we had throughout the past four decades through the dedication and commitment of our people whose priority is to focus on operational excellence, implement the highest Safety standards and maintain our leadership position in the market.

That’s why we are committed towards investing in our people and developing their competencies, and identifying our talents and future leaders who will continue our path and grow EDC in the future.

Thank you for visiting EDC website, and I welcome any feedback you might have.

EDC Chairman & Managing Director

EDC Leaders

  • Osama kamel
    Chairman & MD
    Osama Kamel is a 1991 Petroleum Engineering graduate from Suez University. He has started his career in the Petroleum field as a Drilling Engineer in SantaFe Company. Then he moved to Khalda Petroleum Company where he spent 20 years of his career moving up the ladder until he held the position of Drilling Manager. He also had experience working as the Operations Manager in Petrozenima and later in Sinotharwa. Finally and most recently during December 2018 he became EDC’s Chairman and Managing Director.
  • Haytham Fikry
    Chief Operations Officer
    Haytham Fikry is a Mechanical Engineer who graduated in 2002 from Helwan University. His career took off from EDC when he joined the Special Drilling Trainee program graduating as an Assistant Driller. He spent a few years working in the field on both onshore and offshore rigs when he then moved to the head office and held various leading positions. He was appointed as EDC’s Libya branch Operations Manager in 2013 after which he held several managerial positions in Egypt Headquarters last of which was EDC’s Chief Operations Officer leading the company towards safe and profitable operations.
  • Ahmed Soliman
    QM-HSE Director
    Ahmed Soliman is a Mechanical Engineer who graduated in 2005 from Helwan University. His career took off from EDC when he joined the Special Drilling Trainee program graduating as an Assistant Driller. He spent a few years working in Egypt and then transferred to work in EDC’s Saudi Arabia branch (DPS). In 2008, he changed his career after taking up the position of Safety Engineer in the first Safety Engineers team on DPS rigs. In 2013, Ahmed moved to DPS head office as a HSE Manager and was later appointed as the first QA/QM Manager in DPS to build the new DPS IMS. Today and with his 15 years of experience in the field, Ahmed joined EDC in February 2022 as the QM-HSE Director
  • Hatem Hassan
    Chief Commercial Officer
    Hatem is a 2000 Mechanical Engineering graduate from Ain Shams University, holding a Master’s Degree in International Business Administration from ESLSCA Business School, Paris and a certified KPI professional. He joined EDC in January 2002 as Special Driller Trainee and held several positions in Egypt and Saudi Arabia (DPS) field operations. In 2008, he joined EDC head office as Rig superintendent and managed onshore and offshore units. Hatem was qualified to join the Ministry of Petroleum’s (MOP) modernization project for middle management, which allowed him to engage with international operations of one the MOP’s key partners and gain hands on experience with the new international drilling business management systems. Today Hatem transfers his experience as part of EDC’s management team to enhance the company’s performance and introduce new modernized drilling techniques to the fleet.
  • Marwa Abdelfattah
    Chief Internal Auditor
    Marwa is an Accounting and Business Administration Helwan University graduate who went on to obtain her MBA in Strategic Management, Management Control and Marketing from the German University in Cairo. She is a determined and highly motivated Certified Internal Auditor with over 10 years of experience in dynamic organizations ranging from SMEs to multinationals. Marwa has held various positions ranging from procurement contracting compliance senior officer to Internal Audit, risk and compliance service manager with KPMG Hazem Hassan and lastly held the position of EDC’s operational audit manager since 2015. She also has a wide range of expertise including Strategic Management, Corporate Governance, Compliance, Leadership, Auditing, Process Analysis, Internal Control and Risk Assessment. Today Marwa is EDC’s Chief Internal Auditor.
  • Wael Alkharrat
    Engineering & Maintenance Director
    Wael Alkharrat holds a Bachelor Degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering since 1997. He joined EDC in 1998, working as a Project Engineer on one of EDC’s Rigs and shortly after moved to become a Workshop Engineer. He cultivated his experiences by taking up positions such as Rig Senior Electrician, ET Engineer and finally became an Electric Superintendent in 2010. Four years later due to his outstanding performance, Wael was promoted to become EDC’s Electrical Workshop Manager. Furthermore, he worked on his leadership skills, and was able to build his career in EDC up to the Senior Management position becoming EDC’s Engineering and Maintenance Director in 2022, leading over 180 employees in the organization.
  • Ahmed Gouda
    HR Director
    Ahmed is a 1986 of Mass Communication graduate. He also obtained a higher studies Diploma in HR development in Business Administration from Banha University in 1994. Career wise, he joined GUPCO towards the end of 1989 where he moved between field and office for 20 years. He then held a number of managerial positions in several companies including Modern Gas Derivatives company, WASCO and lastly EGAS as Chairman Assistant and supervisor of Administrative affairs in 2019. He also participated in several initiatives and Organizational Development Programs, as was a Business Coach in several Improvement programs in the Gas Sector. Gouda joined EDC in December 2021 holding the position of HR Director.
  • Ashraf Fotouh
    Chief Financial Officer
    Ashraf Fotouh is a 1986 Commerce graduate. He started his career with Khalda Petroleum Company till 1995. From there he moved to Qarun Petroleum Company heading their Finance Budgeting team. He then moved up the ladder of success holding several managerial positions in the Finance Department until he was Qarun’s Finance General Manager and Board Member in 2018. In 2020 he was promoted to become Khalda’s Assistant Chairman for Finance & Board Member, and shortly after that, the EGPC Assistant Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Control of Foreign and J.V Companies in October 2020. During September 2021, Ashraf Fotouh joined EDC as its new Chief Financial Officer.
  • Ali Hamed
    Chief Information Officer
    Ali received his Bachelor's Degree in Communication Engineering from Mansoura University. He started his academic career in 1994 as a lecturer in NTI (National Telecommunication Institute). Ali joined EDC in March 1998 as a Senior Systems Administrator and cultivated his technical knowledge and leadership skills and successfully built his career in EDC. Ali established a powerful IT infrastructure improving the IT systems and service stability complying with ITIL worldwide standard.
  • Sayed Metwally
    PR Director
    Sayed Metwally is a former Police Officer who graduated in 1994. He worked in criminal and legal investigations, evidence collection, and public security for 16 years. He resigned from the Ministry of Interior Affairs and joined the oil sector as PR Director of Petrosport. Shortly after, he held the position of Director of the Political Liaison and Cabinet Affairs in the Office of his Excellency the Minister of Petroleum for three years. He later joined Enppi as Director of Media & Public Relations, and moved up the career ladder to Assistant General Manager of Public Relations and Supervisor of the Government Relations Department. Finally, during March 2022, he joined EDC as its first PR Director. Metwally also has a passion for soccer, and studied coaching which qualified him to train teams such as Enppi, Ismaily, Wadi Degla, Zamalek and Almakassa teams
  • Nadia Abdelmawla
    Legal Manager
    Nadia holds a Master’s Degree in International Business Law from Cairo University. She has started her career as an associate attorney for a law office for two years, and has then moved on to become a Researcher in the Centre d’etude et de Development Economique, Juridique et Social at the French Consulate. Today, Nadia is responsible for establishing EDC’s anti-corruption program and updating the organizations code of conduct along with the rest of her judiciary duties.
  • Medhat Abdelghany
    Head of Security
    Being a former Police Officer with 23 years of experience in the Ministry of Interior Affairs, General Medhat Abdelghany has been EDC’s security consultant since 2011. He then formally took up the post of EDC Security Manager in 2015 displaying dedication and constant care to the security and welfare of our organization both in EDC Cairo premises and in EDC Rig locations. After his years of dedication, Brigadier General Medhat was promoted in 2018 and is now EDC’s Head of Security
  • Mohamed Wagih
    DPS General Manager
    Wagih is a 2001 Mechanical Engineering graduate and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from University of Phoenix Houston, USA. Wagih held the QM-HSE position since July 2017 after being EDC COO for six years. Prior to that, Wagih has spent four years in Houston as part of the management team, establishing the shore base in preparation for the arrival of the Maersk Developer a 6th generation DP2, Dual activity Semi-Submersible to operate in the GOM and operating it for various operators including Statoil and Exxon Mobile. Today he manages the company's branch in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Ahmed Talal
    EDC Kuwait Branch Manager
    Ahmed Talal is a Mechanical Engineer who graduated in 2007. He started his career with EDC through the Special Drilling Trainee (SDT) fast track program and went up the career ladder assuming several positions ranging from land and workover Rig superintendent to Rig Manager. Talal led over 14 rig crews with various capabilities towards safe and profitable operations, while ensuring the provision of a safe work environment, proper maintenance of equipment and fulfilment of contractual obligations. He managed the preparation and upgrades of over ten land and workover rigs throughout his years of service with EDC. Today Ahmed Talal has been assigned to manage and lead EDC’s new Kuwait branch in order to maintain our rig operations and ensure EDC’s safety standards are implemented.

EDC Certificates

  • ISO 9001 : 2015
  • ISO 14001 : 2015
  • ISO 45001 : 2018