Exclusive interview with the Egyptian Drilling Company



Exclusive interview with the Egyptian Drilling Company


Chief Executive Officer Jeppe Jensen speaks with African Business Review about how the company has grown significantly across the Africa and Middle East, with a key focus on employee safety throughout its drilling operations.

Through initially acquiring an onshore drilling rig and securing a contract for drilling in Egypt’s Eastern Desert, the company is a leader in the domestic drilling market, and have become established in Syria, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, West Africa, Qatar and Gabon.

Placing significant investment in the safety of employees and the maintenance of its rigs, the company has built an inhouse training centre to ensure all employees are fully compliant and can work in the field safely. With this in mind, Jensen explains that “It is also about having a finger on the pulse and seeing what is happening in such a competitive market.” This means visiting the rigs, meeting with customers and “understanding the temperature of the market.”

Consequently, Egyptian Drilling Company has become a firm partner with a large number of International Oil Companies, delivering world-class services, with high uptimes, in order to remain a competitive market player.

“It is about being a good corporate citizen and doing things right today, whilst preparing for tomorrow,” says Jensen.


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